Once More From The Top

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The debut album by The Granite Shore is a concept album about the Life of a Rock Group. It features Nick Halliwell (Distractions, etc.), Phil Wilson (June Brides), Arash Torabi (June Brides, Distractions, etc.), Mike Kellie (Only Ones, Spooky Tooth, etc.), Steve Perrin and Mike Finney (Distractions), Probyn Gregory (Wondermints, Brian Wilson, etc.), Bella Quinn and Martin Bramah (Fall, Blue Orchids, etc.)


The Players: Mr Nick Halliwell: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, autoharp, tambourine Mr Phil Wilson: 12-string electric, acoustic guitar, vocals Mr Arash Torabi: Bass, vocals Mr Mike Kellie: Drums Dr Steve Perrin: Electric guitar, vocals Mr Probyn Gregory: Euphonium, flugelhorn, French horn, trumpet Miss Bella Quinn: Vocals Mr Mike Finney: Vocals Mr Martin Bramah: Electric guitar



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Once More From The Top
Once More From The Top
  • Artiste & Repertoire
  • Nine Days' Wonder
  • The Management
  • Fan Club Newsletter no. 44
  • Backstage at the Ballroom
  • Recorded Sound
  • Keeping Time
  • Widows and Orphans
  • Now, therefore, ...
  • Be that as it may
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